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TBG Education Foundation

Now more than ever, America needs men and women who will build. The current labor shortage in the building trades is projected to grow, which means those who are willing to join the trades will be paid more, receive more benefits and enjoy better lifestyles than at any other time in history.

The TBG Education Foundation has joined with businesses throughout the building trades and their suppliers to create awareness of the many career opportunities men and women can find in the construction fields.

Clay Shoot For The Trades

Please join us for a fun afternoon of shooting, camaraderie and good times with your friends from around the trades as we continue to raise funds to further the work of the Foundation! 

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Promote The Industry

We promote and support initiatives that direct individuals to discover the broad scope of viable career options that are available across the building trade spectrum.

Educate a New Generation

We are the central hub that unites a wide variety of trades stakeholders to pool resources, combine efforts, stir imaginations and build awareness for trade careers. Together we fund advertising initiatives that promote careers while helping educators grow and fund curriculums which support traditional trade opportunities.

Build Tomorrow

We have a vested interest in and are passionate about the future of the building trades. As an unbiased organization we are uniquely positioned to bring unity to a diverse group of stakeholders for the good of all. We wholeheartedly believe in the viability of tradesman careers for future generations.